Update on Opportunities

Who'd've thunk it? I tried the sticker chart with the 3 y/o stealth sneaker last week. She had to earn 3 stickers to get a trip to the Jungle.

Evening 1 - Sticker chart explained to stealth sneaker. She's thrilled that she can get a trip to the Jungle out of this and says she can stay in bed all night because she would like to go to the Jungle. We think we might get one night out of this experiment, but at this point, even that's worth it.

Night 1 - stayed in bed ALL NIGHT! We were shocked. Of course, neither of us slept more than an hour or two at a time, waking and wondering if she was still breathing (no, neither of us was willing to go check). She picks a sticker and I have to tell her where on the chart it should go.

Night 2 - stayed in bed ALL NIGHT! Wow - maybe this isn't really beyond a 3 year old's grasp. Happily put sticker #2 on the chart in a strange place, but we really don't care about that.

Night 3 - stayed in bed. Woke up and cried and cried and cried. Finally we got out of her that she needed to go potty. Since we hadn't exactly gone over what to do when you have to go potty, but you've made a deal that you won't get out of bed, she still earned her sticker. But now she knows she can get up and go potty as long as she goes back to bed again. Oops - another case of parental instruction omission. Be careful what you don't tell these little people!

Day 4. Weekend day, trip to Jungle earned. BUT.... playground bully behavior overcame all good 3 year old senses and Jungle trip was postponed. What do you do when your kid is at the top of the slide sitting sideways, blocking all other children from coming down, AND WON'T MOVE despite reasoning, cajoling and threats of varying degrees? Once the tot immediately behind her tried to climb over the edge to get around her, I determined that safety came first. I climbed UP this spiral monster, about 100 feet or so, with slippery shoes, arms basically pulling me up, grabbed her shoes and slid down with her in tow. Twenty minutes of "I want to go to the Jungle" whined in the same pitch over and over again garnered some sympathy from bystanders, but mom and big bro tuned it out pretty effectively. Nope - if I'm going to have arms I can't move the next day because she's stubborn, she's not getting rewarded. For ANYTHING! (and yes, my arms were quite sore the next day)

Day 5. Very nice cooperation today, Jungle trip restored. Mom took Advil in advance (advice - never go to the Jungle unmedicated if you're over 11). All is well in the Beastar household.

Bottom line - damn - those sticker charts can work on even little people!
(and even though we don't know what trip is next, she's still getting stickers - and we're starting to actually sleep! YAY for us!)

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