This is the BEST day of my Life!

I'm the mom of 4 - ages range from 23 to 2. yep. 2. 2-3 at home at any given time, 1-2 out. S. and I both work full time. busy house, but fun. mostly.
How many times has the first day of school been the BEST DAY OF [your] LIFE? I have two very happy children right now. The 20 year old is back in college in Colorado, happy with her living arrangement, despite her room being about the size of my rather small walk-in closet. She LOVES her classes this semester, and got called back for all the shows she auditioned for, plus one she didn't audition for because the show she's in right now conflicts with it. For the uninitiated - this means she went to an audition and they liked her enough to ask to see her again. The call backs are usually more intense - in her case, they typically include singing, dancing and acting, since she is a musical theater gal. From these call backs, they cast the show. So, she loves her classes, her house, the cook (she lives in a sorority), AND she not only got called back, she got a role in the next "main stage" production at the school. Pretty damn exciting.
The 14 year old started high school - likes his teachers, mostly, he thinks. He also decided at the very last minute to try out for the cross country team. (Last minute, like we were almost out of the parking lot onto the main road when he jumped out of the car and ran back to the XC group.) He thinks he might actually kinda like it! He is also a roller hockey dude, and played his final game of the season for 3rd/4th place. They won pretty easily - the other team only had a few players show up. They gave out awards after the 1st/2nd place game, and he got the award for most assists! We've often talked about that being actually a nicer award than the high points person, because it shows you are really a team player and not a hot shot just taking all the shots. So he was up late talking about how it was probably the best day of his life - starting high school, finding a sport he might actually like, winning a hockey game and getting not just a team award, but a LEAGUE award! Woo hoo!
Gotta enjoy these days when they come - we know not every school year starts like this!