The Doodlebops

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Based on my nearly 180 degree turnaround in my opinion of the Wiggles, I'm reserving judgement on the Doodlebops. Maybe strangely colored people with odd hair and ears who sing and dance hip-hop are just what the toddler set needs. I'm thinking they (the toddlers) probably won't really be able to dance along with these way cool dudes, though. I mean jumping up and down and from side to side while you stick a hand in the air is one thing (the Wiggles...) but hip hop movements??? I don't think so. But even so, there was a time when Greg, Anthony, Murray and Jeff freaked me out ... in fact there are still times when that happens. ("I am a Dancer" omg...) And even after all these years, the purple dinosaur and the sticky sweet kids have never grown on me. In fact I cannot listen to them - a very strange and perverse feeling of extreme dislike washes over me like one of those Maverick waves. It's best for everyone if I change the channel. And Doodlebops - what's with the "Where's Moe" bit? Even blatant rip-off acts should have a little originality!
But I do like the primary colored Aussies now, so I'm reserving judgement on Deedee, Rooney and Moe.


Wait - I made one of those!

Wish I'd thought of this! the memories, the thrill, the horror!

Texans caring for their kids

Apparently, gay people are once again a bad influence on young, innocent children. The Dollars should move there - there will be lots of need for more incredible foster care. yikes.