Stayin' Alive

Heard on the radio yesterday that playing the BeeGees song "Stayin Alive" during CPR is beneficial because the beat is pert near perfect for timing of compressions.
I could just see it - in ERs and ICUs everywhere, the strains of the BeeGees in the background. At least until there is a workers comp case or two for mental distress.
Back in the 70s it was Yankee Doodle. Not sure which one I prefer.

Oh - and while looking around for stuff about this - there's a comment by Tex at Guitar Girl RN where he is already rewriting the lyrics -

'Well, you can tell by the way I CPR,
I compress real well, I'm a Superstar....."

now I can totally get behind that!

Taking the Linky Way Out

I could say more, but these posts do such a good job, I thought I'd just lead you to them.

C'mon California - No on Prop 8.

Being Visible

An esteemed colleague of mine rides his bike to work on occasion (actually a couple of them do, but this story is just about one of them). A few weeks ago, he tangled with a car and the car won.

OK. It was a pedestrian. And the pedestrian won. That just doesn't sound as impressive does it? Anyway, he didn't feel so great for a week or so.
So he decided to go visible.

Additions: yellow bumpers, new yellow helmet, coat, caution sign, reflectors. I just love this guy - he cracks me up. But damn - SOMEONE will see his next crash - we're pretty sure of that!

And in the spirit of sharing wisdom, here are his helmet links:

Bicycle helmet linkage:
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute

The Safety is Sexy Campaign - You'd look hotter in a helmet

Wear A Helmet


(Ba)rack my world

WHAAAAT is this?
Rod Sterling must be around the corner here somewhere.

Last night:
DH and I had a "date night". Rare. Very rare.
He opens the car door for me. Never happens. (not complaining - just a fact)
I get in and see this:

in his cup holder.
I'm convinced I'm in an episode of the Twilight Zone.


Parents Weekend accomplishes what is it supposed to accomplish.

We get to see the facilities

We get to check out the local tailgate efforts

We take a picture to record the occasion

and we visit with each other.
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The interesting thing about Freshman Family Weekend is that it probably accomplishes exactly what it is intended to accomplish. BK is not as bothered by being so far away and we're happier that he's there. Good all around.