What I did on Summer Vacation, Part 3

Because all good things come in threes (and some barely passable ones, too, but we'll not go into that), part three shares a fun birthday party with a particularly cute nephew, also known as A. and his equally cute mother, also known as Lunasea, who takes after her slightly older sister also known as me.

We chased after a gaggle? tribe? flock? - turns out it is a rafter of turkeys we chased around the yard. And if my camera had just captured the last one to the right, I'd have demonstrated that multiple of 3 theme again. Yes, this is stretching it a bit thin, but hey...

I had the opportunity to visit some friends from my days in Chicago and drive by one of the houses I lived in nearly 3x10 years ago. Strangely enough - it looks almost exactly the same!

AND, we went to Indiana University for Freshman Parent's weekend in order to make faces we hadn't made for 3x10 days or so.

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What I did on Summer Vacation, Part 2

Continuing that theme that our college student might never get to to these things ever again, BK beat the crap out of us at bowling.
(We never bowl - usually our scores are right there with the 64 guy)
Anyone who tells you saying goodbye is easy hasn't been with these two at the airport.

LK was a dunk tank target. It took 3 kids and an invitation to the 3rd kid to go up and hit the bullseye with her hand but she got dunked.

And we watched someone climb a climbing wall in bare feet. Must have hurt.

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What I did on summer vacation, part 1

Catching up on my summer blogging:

I went on a roller coaster and screamed with LK.

I protected her from certain attack. Or maybe I just recorded it for posterity.

We prepared to say goodbye to our Hoosier with very many dinners out or special things to do which we were sure he would NEVER have the opportunity to do again IN HIS LIFETIME!

We had a very creative dessert prepared for us. We didn't eat much of it, but we admired it mightily, for it was prepared with love. And a lot of chocolate syrup.

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Karma - Send - Now

DDD has an official, for a national tour, callback tomorrow. I'm sure it's the first of many, but WOO HOO this is awesome!

She says she's not getting ahead of herself and that there's no way she'll actually get cast at her first callback, but it seems silly not to help her out a little...

I want to gather all our collective internetish good karma and send it her way.

Everybody, on three:





OK - I might be a little fuzzy on the meaning of Karma, but it seemed right at the time.

So let's all at least send some encouragement her way... You GO, GIRL!!!


Overachievers overachieve

Remember how weird it was for three olympians in three different sports from the same small town, let alone the same high school and same graduating class? Well, happy to say, they all brought medals home with them! Simply amazing. I keep wondering why NBC didn't pick up on that little story...


So howyadoin?

Most frequently asked question:
"So, How're ya doin'?"
Next most frequently asked question:
"Is it weird?"
Followed by:
"How's LK doing with it?"

I can only assume these people are talking about the hole in my chest where wind whistles in and out with some regularity. I'm not sure how it attracts the attention it does. I try to keep it covered, but somehow it becomes noticeable.

I've been afflicted with this a couple times before, so I understand that it will slowly close up and I'll only hear that faint whistling sound now and then. But it's hard to convey that to curious friends.

I'll be gathering and sending care package #1 when - whoosh - there it is again. Looking at the kitchen table set for 3. whoosh. Running into GF (who understandably talks to him considerably more often than I) who says he's having a hard time today - pretty lonely. WHOOSH... will that damn wind kick it down a notch, please???

Maybe it's because this was my baby for so very long... maybe because he still hung around the house fairly regularly... maybe because he allowed me to talk with him when things were so up and down with GF. Maybe because the last two times, I still had a super busy house to keep up with. Or maybe I have blocked the memory of just how long this feeling takes to become normal.

All I know is that -

re Q1: Hanging in there, wishing I could talk to him at least every other day. Enjoying the clean bedroom while missing the mess. Feeling detached from things - even work, which is pretty consuming. Working hard to conjur some energy to create a "real" dinner. Wishing there was a hockey game to watch.

re Q2: Yes. Definitely.

re Q3: Surprisingly well. She is appropriately and wonderfully self-centered and has gotten into the swing of being a first grader, bringing home the lovely green slips from her teacher exclaming just how exceptional she is. It helps so much that she enjoys her teacher and the classroom. She doesn't hang out in his room, she doesn't ask to talk to him all the time (though she knows she can call him whenever she wants). She's just busy being 6 years old. I think it hits her now and then, but she has two other older siblings who show up and then leave, so it's not as foreign to her as one might think.

Good thing I've got twelve more years before I have to do this again.