you crazy liberal, you

Check it out - Wish I could convey my thoughts as well as Looky Daddy does!
Listen dammit!

This is just the kind of stuff that has me banned from the DH family email strings. That and the fact that I ran out to support Wal-Mart in the wake of what was perceived as a misguided donation to a group that would ruin our country and every family moral we've ever envisioned.

So I get left out of the long hotly debated political and moral email strings.

and I couldn't be happier.


It could be this year's Christmas photo except...


The more children you have, the more likely one of them is going to mess up the family photo.
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Reason #7438 Why I Love my Son

He not only plays catch with his little sister when she just needs a friend,
He'll go swimming with her too.

Damn, we're gonna miss him in the fall.
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