Help! PC or Mac?

OK - High school senior graduating. Want to buy a laptop for next year.

Sr. dude wants a Mac (duh). We're trying to figure out if it's worth the extra money. School says Mac operating systems aren't the problem they once were with the school systems, so it's a toss up. They do issue a very nice warning about VISTA, so if it's a PC - we need to get it fast so we can get it with XP still on it.

So help me out bloggyfriends - Mac or PC?

btw - went on the apple website and spent WAY too much time enjoying the ads - they have one very good ad firm!

*thanks to pjlighthouse.com for the image!


Happy Mother's Day


Beware of a child's room just prior to Mother's Day.
Especially when they've just learned to write.

Happy Mother's Day to all my favorite moms. Hope your day is one to remember!
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D.R. Part III

More Dominican Republic pics and fun

Anyone want to go to a carnival?
Yeah - I thought not.

The Sexy Fiesta was on the way to the beach. Attention getting, no?

The day at the ranch, which turned out to be the night hour at the ranch. LK did get to ride a horse, but this particular horse was really not feeling much like giving rides. She took off with one of the guys. He had a tough time controlling her. So LK only rode with the guy whose family owns the horse. I rode too, but the horse was fine with me.

We spent a LOT of time with this game. It's called "Find It" or something like that. We had found nearly everything except the penny. It was driving us nuts. Here is evidence we finally found the penny. This is a very good game to take with you on a vacation where you will have a lot of time to kill play with it.

There is a lot of artwork in the D.R. Most of it looks like this. There was one metal sculpture I considered bringing home, but the guy wanted $60 for it. He wasn't willing to cut his price in half, so I left it in the D.R. I've been ok with that decision.

And proof positive that fun was indeed available. How many little girls get to be a sand mermaid? OK, don't answer that, there are probably tons, but it made this little girl happy, and that kind of stuff saved us!


What's in a link? and more boob squishing

It's been a while since I've looked to see what brings people to my blog. This month is pretty new, but I've already had someone find me by typing "How to steal a xbox". ???? Have I ever written about stealing an x-box? (yes, dear googler, it's AN, not A when followed by "xbox".)
I have also gotten hits with "son biting my tit" and "women squishing their breasts". I guess I should lay off the boob stories. And just when I was about to relay my latest wonder visit for my 6 month diagnostic mammogram. Well - I will anyway. Might as well, since this post has the words "tit", "breast" and "boob" in it already!

So, "diagnostic" just means they find at least 6 new and different methods of torture per visit, many of these involving removing the breast manually from the chest wall and placing it somewhere across the room. If you have ever seen the size of my breasts, you know this is extremely difficult. The good news this time is that only the 6 new and different methods REALLY hurt this time. The others were tolerable. First time for everything! The other good news is that I'm back on the yearly screening plan again. WaHOO!
So will next month have someone googling "placing breasts across the room"???

American Idol Relief

Have you EVER seen anyone so happy to finally be released from a show???!!!

That poor dude has been trying to get voted off for at least 3 weeks. He looked miserable in where were they? Las Vegas? Have to say, I still liked him, and I didn't think his "I Shot the Sheriff" was all that bad, but it was certainly time for him to go.

We're watching A.I. this year - the first year we've ever actually watched it. But we have our technique. I can't stand Ryan Seacrest, and I'm not particularly fond of the judges, but I like the "kids". So we DVR it (like Tivo) and then speed through it, watching only the performances and then only the elimination. Takes about 10 minutes to watch a 2 hour program. Perfect. (except sometimes just to be ornery, DH will go out of his way to play and replay Ryan's "THIS is American Idol" which grates on me like fingernails on a chalkboard. - the drawback of DVR.)

Predictions? Everyone seems to think it will be a David/David finale. Could actually happen this time, since that would be a tough one to call. Either David with Syesha, and we all know who's going to be the next A.I. That girl is going places, though. I think we'll see her on Broadway, or at the very least, on tour. She may end up the most successful of the bunch this year, though she won't end up winning.

OK I'm done. Haven't watched this much TV in years!

edited to add: I just LOVE this guy!


We interrupt this program

to bring you some Senior Ball sweetness.

The painting on the car windows was part of the "asking" activity. The two of them go to different schools and this was her school's Sr. Ball, so she had to do the asking.

But he does a pretty good job of CUTE too - early the morning of the ball, he and I got up at 5 am and set out a red carpet for her from her door to the car. It was not easy!

(and it looked better before people started walking all over it... but then, I suppose a red carpet is supposed to be walked on. oh well.)

I know, I'm predjudiced.
BTW - she just decided she's going to Dartmouth. She narrowed her choices down to Notre Dame and Dartmouth. Cripes. So who gets admitted into Notre Dame and DOESN'T GO????
Those who also get admitted into Dartmouth, apparently.

atsa my boy.
my little boy.
my little premie.
my Hoosier. Yes - he also made his decision. He's going to Indiana.

D.R. Part II

Some Dominican artwork in the main square in Santiago, along with a very cute little lady.

Veintesiete Bocas.

We tried hard to capture the volumes of people on motorcycles/scooters. There were singles and doubles everywhere. But as you get out of the city, you start seeing 3, 4 and 5 people on these things. And they're not necessarily even built for two!
Here's 3.

And four.

Unfortunately, the glare makes this one hard to make out, but it's our best picture of a 5 person motorcyle. Little kid in front, then dad, then medium kid, then baby, then mom. wow - and I worried about LK wearing her helmet with her bike and training wheels.

The other thing you notice here is the number of people hanging out in the median of the highway. And people do not drive slow. But there are always men and women just standing there in the middle, waiting for just the right moment to dash across. One of M&M's friends told us that once in a great while you'll see body parts from someone who didn't quite make it. Thank heaven we did not have that experience.

D.R. Part III coming.