Letting Go

"She's had eighteen years

To get ready for this day

She should be past the tears

She cries some anyway"

BK - Be safe, be good, wear your coat. Study hard, but still have fun. Remember the people you love, and remember how much we love you. Have a fabulous 4 years in Indiana.

Damn, this is hard.



Found in piano today.

My family.

What a bunch of comedians.


Overachievers non-Anonymous

DDD has always felt that her graduating class lacked cohesiveness. They were not all the best of friends. That is probably typical of many high school experiences.

BK's class was so different. There were certainly cliques and social "types", but the lines were more blurred than in most classes. It was a singularly nice class.

I just realized today why DDD's class was so different.

They were just too darn busy overachieving.
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