FINALLY! We have a 10 day forecast with NO RAIN! Woo Hoo!


How many of you have a lascivious daughter?

According to Mark Collins, writing for the Daily Camera in Boulder, my daughter can pull off "lascivious". How many of you can say that? And how many of you would brag about that?
Heh heh... (put whatever accent you want to that!)

(Heavily paraphrased, because after all, it is MY blog and it is all about MY offspring.)

"The show boasts several terrific performances, ... [DDD] (as a lascivious Catesby)...
...Changing the gender of the Catesby character from male to female works due to [DDD]'s believable performance as an opportunistic hanger-on. ...
...Weitz's cast brings humor to the dark show in other unexpected places, such as in Catesby's sleazy flirtations..."

Yep, that's my gal - the sleazy, flirtatious, lascivious tragic comedian.

I'm so proud.


Sleeping Disorder

My husband and I have a sleeping disorder. It's called snugglyitis. It's been 6 months or so since I last chatted about my stealth snuggler, but I woke up the other day to this sight and knew it had to be shared.

This is where the large sleeper gets squished into a little sliver of bed by Ms. Snuggleupagus and manage somehow to grab some sleep on that little 6 inches of king size bed. We don't know how exactly she manages this, but it's a recurring theme. We also don't know why picking her up and moving her is so darn hard in the middle of the night that we opt for "sleeping" on that sliver of bed.

A day or two later - here's what my side of the bed looked like when I rolled out of it. She's an equal opportunity snuggler. and yeah - when you're on the edge, you can't sit up and stretch or anything, you just roll out. But I can't complain - I had maybe 6 inches of PILLOW! Almost unheard of. She still gets stickers when she stays in bed all night, and she's still proud enough to brag when it happens, "I stayed in my OWN bed ALL NIGHT!!!"

But it doesn't happen nearly enough. Posted by Picasa


Home decor, 4 y/o style

We found these in our well worn hallway recently, so "dey could help us to don't get lost!"

edited note (I can't seem to get this Picasa to blogger thing to work right so the right caption is with the right picture. It looks fine in the preview!... I'm giving up right now, but might just be back to try again. AAArgh.)
edited again - at least I have the right captions with the right pictures now - what a pain. Gonna have to go get me a different photo service or something...

This note tells us which direction to go - we always get lost in this intersection between bedroom door and bathroom.

And sometimes a white (cream, really) wall just needs a little gingerbread lady to spice things up.

This wall needed a bandaid. Not sure why, but it's true this particular hallway has seen its share of bumps and bruises.

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Here's another directional device. I think it had a prior life as a sombrero, but I can't be sure...

Anyone know a good housepainter?


sigh. double sigh...

So if you visit my l’il sis’ blog as well as mine, you’ll already know her most recent news. It was bound to happen, but I can’t help being happy for her, sad for me. Far be it from me to even hint that moving is a bad idea – big sis and I are army brats and moved around most of our lives. Li’l sis came along after military retirement and spent her whole childhood and teen life in the same house. And her whole life in the Bay Area.

After getting married, we moved to El Paso for a year, traveled the country in a trailer for 3 years, then spent 5 years in the Chicago area, back to the SF Bay Area for a couple of years, then off again to Chicago for another 5 or 6. And all the moves were good ones, either financially, or personally. So we certainly have our own history of leaving all our loved ones and taking off. But having moved back 15 years ago now, and seen the departure of a big sis, little brother, little sis, (and all the nieces and nephews too) and finally parents from DH’s side, and big sis and father on my side, there are precious few of us left, and this pretty much wipes out our family presence here. DH has one brother firmly planted in the area. That’s it.

I knew, when we were the ones leaving and setting up lives elsewhere, that it sucked to be left behind, but geez – they all had the rest of the family when we left! Now we’re back and everyone else leaves. WHAT does that tell you?

That’s what I think too.



TodayApr 11

And the rest of the week doesn't look much better.


Daylight Saving(s) Time

Daylight Saving Time snuck up on me again this year. I remember it being this huge news item in years past. This year it almost got by me completely. A random email from a friend that said “spring forward” at the end was the trigger event. Curious, I went to my home page, the SF Chron, and found NOTHING regarding the time change. So I went to my personal email home page and found NOTHING! You’d think they’d have this huge clock on their first page with something akin to

“The crazies in the world want to plunge the early morning risers into pitch black again. Change your clocks accordingly”

But no – nothing to clue me in. And I stopped my home delivery of the newspaper several months ago, after realizing we took it out of its plastic raincoat only to chuck it directly into our recycling bin nine times out of ten. (I still miss it occasionally, but not enough to warrant the waste – nor apparently, enough to go out and buy an individual one.)

So, off to google Daylight Savings Time and found that indeed, friend was right, I should spring forward my clocks. Also found that it is not Daylight SavingS time, but rather Daylight Saving Time, with a whole explanation why. I might have known that at one time, but really, who cares… we slept in until 9! Woo hoo! Sarcastic? Maybe a little.

Now I hear that next year, we will spend 8 months in DST and only 4 in ST, thanks to the brainiac in Washington signing some sort of legislation to allow us to become even more ridiculous than we already are. So why do we have ST at all? And if anyone can convince me of the benefit of this tradition we have of changing our clocks twice a year, I’d like to hear from you. And don't pull the farmer thing on me. You don't get extra sunshine by changing a clock.

Oh, and do you think the dogs sleep in on this end of the time change? ha. You don't have dogs.