I'm a shoe whore, or the story of the Halloween costume in 2007

I'm a shoe whore. Not just an everyday shoe whore - a children's shoe whore. Specifically, a young girl shoe whore. I love the cute little things they have out there for the little girls.

I don't like shopping. At all. But I can look at little kids shoes, no problem! I've tried wandering the adult shoe section and while there are always one or two things that will catch my eye, I don't have a huge urge to spend the money on them. But I have to double park LK's shoes on her shelf, and still there are probably one or two pairs stuck in a closet or under a pile of something somewhere.

I guess there are worse things.

The shoes completely drove the halloween costume this year. And even though it was ridiculously hard to find a Minnie Mouse dress (I ended up making someone's day on ebay), I think it turned out pretty danged cute.

Happy Halloween. A few days late.



LK: "I know what paradise is."

me: "What is it?"

LK: "It's where you lie on the ground and eat food."

Just thought I'd share the new definition, in case any of you were wondering.


Wild Game Week

So some friends talked us into going to dinner at the Big Four restaurant in SF for wild game week. This is a big deal every year, where the chef, Gloria Ciccarone-Nehls, gathers all kinds of non-typical meats for her entrees. It is quite the popular thing apparently, as my friend marks her calendar every year and calls for reservations on somemonthber 1st when reservations are first accepted.

Our friend admits to being a food snob, in fact, she is very proud of it. She also sold wine for several years, and throws around the word "sommelier" like it was rice at a wedding a really long time ago when they still allowed rice throwing at weddings because we didn't know it was going to make all the birds within a one mile radius explode. Ah, the good old days of rice and ignorance. She also throws around the dear chef's name because I guess they are good friends when they see each other during this week. Anyway, she summoned the sommelier to advise us of the proper wine for a dinner where one person selected the ostrich, one the wild boar, one the yak and the last the elk. (I ordered elk. WHAAA?) We did get a lovely bottle of wine. Which DH desired to finish every last drop of. Apparently that is not what you're supposed to do with a very fine bottle of wine.

Those of you who know us well, know that while DH particularly loves to eat, he's not particularly picky. A food snob, not. I'm picky, but not terribly adventurous. So this was a departure for both of us. And I decided it was a good thing. The food was good. The meat was mostly tasty. My elk was a little tough. We all tasted each other's entrees, of course, even though I think that might have been going a little on the wild side. My favorite was the yak. Who knew? We also found that DH could, in fact, pull out his card to pay an astronomical amount for a dinner we'd never on our own consider. We could have bought an ipod for what that wine cost. We almost felt like grownups.

Don't we look civilized, all fine wine sniffy and stuff.

Tonight we promised LK we'd go see "The Bee Movie". We went to Taco Bell before the movie.


PS - sorry for the sporadic posting. Again. I've had my hand slapped once or twice... But I think this is not the last time I'll have gaps in my posts. You Go, no mo blo po's or whatever that is people! I still have time to read one or two blogs every day or two, and this daily posting is fun. Maybe in 2012 I can do it too. Until then...