I have too much to blog!

M&M are moving out of their apartment. I took G. for them while they cleaned and got a decent night's sleep. Then I went with M. to have pictures taken of little G. on Sunday. The first picture was the only one where he really smiled. But that one picture was totally worth it. The boys were moving the last of the stuff to storage, but were able to meet up with us by the time we were picking out the package, and that was fun too.

Apparently LK thought that whole process was fun, so she created a photo shoot of her own, using our semi-adopted dog, Zen. What a trooper that dog is. I posted the full album on facebook, but just imagine every type of sporting equipment we might have and then a little more and you have the idea of the photo shoot. Great idea!

And then, last night LK decided to make dinner for us. She made nachos, warmed up leftover pizza and we were not to touch these buns until we were completely done.

When we were really really done, this is what we got inside the buns:

Gotta love it.


My Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook

"During the last 24 hours you were compared 3 times. You won in 1 of them." (That's supposed to make me feel good?)

"Check here against whom you won in 'who is a better public speaker'. 2 hours ago" (Oh good. I'm a better public speaker than somebody else. Why do I feel like such a dork?)

"NOTE: Check your NEW ranking!8:08pm" (I just can't figure out what's in it for anyone.)

"Someone voted for you!9:16am" (And I STILL don't know what for.)

In the last few months since I opened my facebook account, I've found myself drawn to it often. All my nieces and nephews have kindly agreed to be my friends and we joke back and forth now and then. I feel more in touch with them. My own children have also agreed to be my friend which means I get to keep in touch with them in a more fun way than I would otherwise. I've connected with an old high school friend or two (and I do mean OLD!!) and even have parents of LK's friends on my list. I get reminded of birthdays. And I get the right days for birthdays too! I get to see pictures of trips, parties, babies and other cool stuff. And I have to say, when I've got a scrabble game or even sudoku (DDD whups my ass on this every time, even though I consider myself a pretty fair sudoku player), I look forward to signing on at least once a day to keep the game going.

But I hate the stupid little notifications for things that if you bite, you have to load and then you get something stupid in return. Like when you "poke" someone. Just dumb. This whole voting thing. I never win popularity contests. Never have, never will. People seem to like me - they just don't vote for me (despite the vote above that if I wanted to find out what it was for I'd have to load some stupid program that would make me feel bad because I got one vote and all my other friends got 537 votes). These things are just meant to make me feel bad. No thanks.

So I enjoy FB for many reasons and determine to ignore the chain letters, stupid notifications for stupid things and anything that won't make me smile. Anyone for a game of Scrabble?


How old am I again?

All this birthday and holiday talk.
I have to remember how old I am again.

I have a confession:

I have a crush. Maybe it's a mommy crush. Nothin' romantic about it - I just think this kid is SO FREAKIN CUTE! I love his Disney movies - I even watch the HSM movies willingly because HELLO - Corbin BLEU!!!

And now I find out he will be doing a little mini-concert after the High School Musical on Ice show THAT I ALREADY HAVE TICKETS TO!!!!!

OMG!!! Best keep me a few rows back and chair nearby so I won't hurt anyone when I faint.


Another celebration. Why not?

Today is Adoption day, otherwise known as "Gotcha" day.

I decided now that LK is starting to understand and even talk about being adopted, I wanted to start a new tradition with her where we would go and have a fancy lunch on adoption day. With tablecloths and dressing up and all that high-falutin'-ness. Something we just don't do much of at all... I would pick her up at school at lunch time and we'd take BART into the city and go to some fancy schmancy place. Just us. And maybe DH if he could.

Here's one side of the conversation:

"We're gonna do WHAT?"

"Why again?"

"You know, sometimes I like hamburgers."

"How about we don't go to OUR Taco Bell - how about we go to one that's far away?"

"I like that place where they give you balls of dough and they have that machine." (El Machino at Chevy's fine and fancy Tex Mex...)

"But I want to go play with my friends."

"I NEVER get to play with my friends."

"I think I don't want to go somewhere where we have to get on a freeway."

"I already had lunch."

We settled on the cafe at our nearby Nordstrom's. Not exactly tablecloths, but maybe we'll work up to that.


Another place I loved, but didn't help stay in business

I always hate it when I really love a store, but it's not on the beaten path for me, so I just don't visit it as often as I'd like. And then they go out of business. I feel like it's my personal fault for not going out of my way to patronize them.
I'm sorry I didn't do more to keep you in business, Elephant Pharmacy - you were awesome.


And the Birthday Season Ends

There are plenty of family birthdays throughout the year, but mid November - mid February are so particularly painful joyful as they encompass every one of my immediate-immediate family birthdays and Christmas (and nearly all the plain old immediate ones too) that once LK has her birthday in mid February I am completely birthday'd out. You should see my calendar - it's ridiculous.

It used to be that I could sort of relax in early January, since the only immediate family birthday to plan any kind of celebration for was my own, but with the addition of LK, I must carry on with my primary birthday celebrator duties until today. I don't really mind, because I truly love birthdays, but I get pretty wiped out. Just not as young as I used to be, I guess.

So today is LK's 7th birthday. She would celebrate by riding her brand new gorgeous bike (one that actually fits her) around the neighborhood if it weren't raining cats and dogs outside. Can't complain, because we need the rain badly, but it does make the excitement of a new bike dim just a bit. But we've got some family and friends coming over to have some pizza with us this evening, and she's invited her beloved teacher, so she's one happy birthday girl.

Enjoy your special day, not-so-little one. I love watching you grow up. I love the tenderness you show your nephew, even if his parents get a little uncomfortable by it. I love that you continue to develop a relationship with your biological siblings, and that you cherish it. I love that you love your other big brothers and sister more than just about anything in the whole wide world. I love the happiness in your face when you see them after a long time apart. I don't always love the resistance and stubborness you show me frequently, but I understand that both of those qualities will be important for you in coming years. I love watching you play soccer and other sports that you love. I love the snuggles when we read stories or watch a movie together. And most of all, I love you.

Happy Birthday.

More Inventive Kidness

Found this morning:
One travel pillow performing baby doll "boppy" duties.
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Another mondegreen

Submitted by our 10 year old neighbor:

Improving on perfection - that's what that is...
although, I always thought we were singing to Jose.
"Jose, can you see by the dawn's surly light?" and
"...Jose, does that star spangled banner yet wave?"

Shown up by a 10 year old.



How I know I'm exhausted.

- I drove by 2640 College Ave and went at least a mile past it before I knew I'd gone too far.
- I was sitting next to a neighbor and friend of mine at a show today and could not come up with her name.
- I had to back up my audiobook several times because I kept losing my concentration.
- No interest in cake or anything else with an ounce of sugar.
- No interest in food of any kind.
- one word: Crankypants.
- Can't sleep.

It's aggravating.