I'm just wild about Harry

omg - I am such a Harry Potter dork.

I loved the book. The author simply amazes me that she can think of all these events! How does she come up with that stuff? Did she think it out from the beginning or did it grow over time? Did she know how she wanted to end it, or did she struggle with five different endings before deciding? How in the world can she keep up the action? I think it's amazing, and I am impressed.

I want to read it again - already - but DH has dibs on it while we're on the beach in Hawaii. Then DDD gets it. After that, I might be able to get my hands back on it. Next up - the audio version of it. Jim Dale is fabulous. If you haven't listened to any of the HP audiobooks, they are totally worth it - even if you've read the books.

I'm done being effusive about Harry.



Things to do

See you in about 800 pages or so...


The Big Talk, part 1/2

LK: Where did I live when I was in your tummy?

me: [thinks "I knew this was coming sometime soon"] We lived in this same house before you were born, but I didn't get to have you in my tummy. You have a different mommy who had you in her tummy, but she couldn't take care of you. So they called us and asked us if we wanted to come take care of a little baby girl and we said, "YES!" So we picked you up and came home.

LK: But did we live here?

me: Yes.

moral of this story - Nephew A. likes to know all the details. LK just wants to know where we lived. geez, mom.



Can I just say, regarding that post a couple of days ago... I can see where symptoms could get annoying after a while.

just saying...


I.T. Artwork

I work in an IT department at a reasonably large health care center out here in the fair and wonderfully warm California. The people I work with are a very odd lot - in a very good way. Some of the nicest people I've ever known work there. We're all pretty geeky and we all know it and embrace it.

One day, a little something caught my eye, and as I've done several times, I marveled about how art in IT is always a little different than in "normal" places.

I'm entertaining ideas. What do you think this is?

From a telecommunications project.

From a similar project 20 years prior.
20 YEARS!!!

This is a wireless access point disguised as an IV pole.
Or maybe a dart board. hard to tell.

I don't think I'll ever work anywhere with real artwork. What would be the fun of that?
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Symptoms, FINALLY!

I know many women don't share my enthusiasm for this but they probably haven't spent years waiting for some symptoms - ANY sign that perhaps my body will stop acting like a teenager sometime in the future.

Sleeping disturbances and hot flashes! Hold the presses! It really happened, and it's happened enough that I am comfortable that it really is what I think it is, which means it really means what I think (and want) it to mean! Thank heavens. I won't be buying feminine products into my 90s.

Of course, the sleeping disturbances could be due to something else...