"stop that rhyming - I mean it!"

You'll find my family spouting lines from movies pretty much anytime...
Napoleon Dynamite is getting a lot of coverage right now. But I really kind of think they talked to my 15 year old before making it. I think they were really imitating him. jeez.
Rocky gets more than it's fair share, since one of my daughter's friends' name is "AAAdriennne".
We sometimes hear "Anybody want a peanut?" in response to anything that rhymes with nut (Princess Bride). This ALWAYS leads to a rather long rendition of how to kill a sicilian, and usually one or two "you keeeled my father, prrrepare to die" thrown in there. We can get carried away. "That word... I do not think it means what you think it means." see what I mean? Once you get going it's hard to stop. Incontheeevable, Butt-ah-cup.

The little one gets into the act now, too. Usually it's a Wiggles phrase or something tame. But during the Christmas season, she took a liking to "The Santa Clause" with Tim Allen. In one scene, he's outside in a pair of nice silk, very red pjs while neighbors are walking by. He tells one lady in particular that she should be happy he's wearing these because he usually sleeps "buck naked". Little K thought that was hysterical and said it many times for many days. It was funny, especially when we realized she was saying "butt naked" (which actually makes more sense, don't you think?). The craze died down and she'd been back to her normal stuff, when she recently decided to share her love of her version with all the people shopping with us at JC Penney and Safeway. It was nice. ...and what else do you teach the child?

We're watching the Songs from Disney tape from now on.

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