high school??

One of my least favorite shows was on last night - One Tree Hill. Unfortunately, I watch it way more than I'd like because it's on after one of my favorite shows - Gilmore Girls. We watch precious few TV shows on a regular basis, and I absolutely hate reality shows... so that's one of the shows I really try to watch.

anyway back to my least favorite - it's becoming more and more bizarre to follow this thing - these "kids" are in high school. (maybe 5 or 6 years ago they really were, but we're supposed to believe that anyway). One couple is married, and she just left him last night to try to make it in the music world. A couple of seasons ago, this girl was the smart, anti-popular one who tutored other people. ok. I'm trying to buy it...

Another couple has an unwed father, who just got back from running away with his infant daughter so her loser of an older woman mother wouldn't take her. hmmm. there's more. A popular cheerleader type went after him to bring him back, and now they are apparently shacking up together, since they cuddled in the same bed with the baby between. HIGH SCHOOL!!!??? What the heck high school is like this? I realize my vision is clouded by not being brought up in the inner city, but these are not inner city portrayals, either. I'm pretty darn sure my two who finished high school and the one in it now have no contact with anyone remotely living these kinds of lives.

The poor little rich girl is trying to run for president. (And I thought they were seniors last year - what's she running for - president of the high school alumni association?) If they're not even seniors yet, then she was one of those head cheerleader types as a freshman. I know freshmen girls - they don't look, sound, or act like this... even the "fast" ones.

And our hero, Luke, (played by Chad Michael Murray who hasn't seen a high school in at least 5 years, and looks it. But I digress again...) is now dealing with living with some kind of heart ailment whose acronym I didn't even recognize, but he wants to keep it a secret from his mother, so he's moving in with his wicked and wretched oaf of a biological father who didn't acknowledge him for 20 years. oh yeah - oops, he's still in high school... anyway, I know I've been out of the direct caregiver part of healthcare for a while, but couldn't they come up with something most of us could recognize?

So I guess you just have to suspend belief if you want to follow these shows, or, if you're like me, a better option is to find that damn remote before Gilmore is over and just turn it off!


Lunasea said...

Well, they do say it's more complicated these days to be a teenager. Birth Control = not that complicated.

Hey, you could switch on over to the "West Wing" - at least they have diseases you'd recognize.

Beastarzmom said...

Yeah - I saw WW last night for the very first time. wrong night though. But anyway, what a sad sack that CJ is. I wanted to slap her upside the head to wake her up! nah, I'm not critical...