Strawberry Shortcake.

Neldam's in Oakland makes the best ever, but it's not available year round. This presents a problem for those of us born in the month of January. or December or February, for that matter. So instead, I choose shortcake to celebrate everyone else's birthday. Today, for example, we celebrated the birthday of a friend born on the 4th of July. Checked in with her hubby about her favorite cake (nice touch, we thought), found out she liked SS too. Super cool. Then asked if she liked anything better. He says "Yes, but I can't talk about that." Great comeback. Why can't I think of those?

I do - but twenty minutes later.

It's that same talent that has me conversing with myself. Not really with myself, with other people, just not when they're around. My Jeckyll/Hyde neighbor is one I've had numerous "conversations" with. My MIL, too. Those are always fun - they're usually about the right to choose, the various contradictions of the right-to-lifers who are gun-ho about the justness of our presence in Iraq, etc. One of my favorites is our beloved "W". Even though I don't consider myself a political expert in any way, I can come up with some good stuff about him. Regardless, I'm always quite erudite in these, and easily prove my points. Unfortunately, very rarely do my real life conversations mimic these fascinating mental/verbal jousts. It sure is a pleasure when they do, though. My l'il sis and her hubby (both psychologists) probably have a term for me, but I don't think I want to know what it is.

Why is it that when a baby falls asleep in your arms, there is nothing better in the world. They become an extension of you and are yours forever... until they wake up, or have to go home with their mom and dad.

When a house alarm goes off in the middle of the night, there is no freakin' way you can remember the damn code. And the infernal and incessant ringing just doesn't help the memory banks unfog. And did you know, the damn alarm can go off even when it's not armed? We found that out last night. Hint: get the key to the stupid box BEFORE this happens to you. They "usually don't leave the key" with the owner when they install the box. What??? Why the hell not? It's our box! Hint #2: check the transformer. Somehow the power to the alarm system is interrupted and it gets nasty mad when it doesn't get power. Now you know.

Mary Poppins 4 nights in a row is difficult, but tolerable. Pete's Dragon 4 nights in a row is enough to make you slit your throat.
Julie Andrews vs Helen Reddy - no contest.

Bubbles may be the world's most perfect toy.
And that makes the "Bubble Lady" a very cool person.

Have a great Friday, everyone.

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