Terrorists are LTAO

I’ve been busy. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t advertise my blaaawwwg, as I would probably feel very obligated to update it all the time, instead of the rather vague guilt that comes with being just too darn busy to think, let alone update.

I’ve recently come back from a business trip involving airports. It was before we could start bringing certain toiletries with us, as long as they were not in the handly little travel cases designed for such things, but in a one-quart plastic zip-lock bag. (Zip-lock profusely thanks the TSA, by the way, for this endorsement requirement.)

So, because I like to travel with deodorant and makeup, I had to check my bag. I noticed a remarkable abundance of overhead compartment space. I also noticed we loaded and deplaned a whole lot faster. (The airlines thank the TSA for inadvertently increasing their on-time departure rate, but they hate like hell all the baggage handling.)

I think it’s odd, though, that we are allowed to bring these items with us now, but only in 3oz or smaller containers. Anyone who has watched a recent or even not-so-recent spy movie of any kind knows that explosives can come in VERY SMALL amounts and VERY SMALL containers. So what’s up with the 3 oz limit? We’re not worried about your 3 oz bottle, but boy, don’t you even try to bring 4 oz with you!

Our favorite terrorists are laughing their asses off. Whose bright idea was this anyway? If you CAN identify an explosive (or can tell it is non-explosive) in a 3 oz container, what makes you think you CANNOT identify one in a 5 oz container? I’m a little baffled at the logic here. I appreciate that we can bring this stuff along now, but I just don’t get it.
While I don’t suppose I would choose the same method of expression, I think I probably agree with this guy.

Flying isn't nearly as much fun as it used to be. In fact, it's really a pain. And a stupid pain, at that.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to travel to San Jose that's for sure, I hope I get strip-searched.

-Richard or 'Rich' as I am apparently known