questions, questions

LK: Mommy, do you know where your lipsops is?

Me: Isn’t it in my bathroom?

LK: You should look for it. Maybe it’s in BK’s bathroom.
…But I didn’t take it.

Me: How did it get in BK’s bathroom?

LK: Did you look for it yet?

Me: [continuing to dry hair] Why are you asking me? Do you know something about my lipsops? Did you put it in BK’s bathroom? (Ha, three to one on the question answering a question ratio!)

LK: Maybe you should look for it in BK’s bathroom.
… but I didn’t take it

Me: So who put it in BK’s bathroom?

LK: Did you find it already?

Me: Why are you so interested in this lipsops? Did you move it somewhere?

LK: I’m just wondering. (breaking the question for a question mode once again.)

Me: [Stops hairdryer, walks into BK’s bathroom, finds lipsops right there on the counter. Reacts with shock and amazement]
Well – I found my lipsops! How did it get in BK’s bathroom?

LK: I don’t know.

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Lunasea said...

Too funny - at least she's telling you where it is. Even if she couldn't possibly know.