Prom #1, part 1. The Asking

Proms nowadays are big deals. There are Prom magazines, websites, and nail and hair salons along with florists everywhere make a bundle on these days. Parents with good intentions decorate the gym to make it look like a sneaker never crossed its path. And there are websites and catalogs to help with that, too. BK and his gf go to two different high schools. They each have a junior prom and senior ball. So there are two big dances to go to each year. Probably would be easier if they went to the same school, but oh well.


Years ago, boys (and sometimes girls) would grit their teeth and finally get up the strength and courage to go talk to their potential date and ask them if they would go to the dance with them. They would, of course, get an immediate answer, which they hoped would be positive. But then it was done. They were either going to the prom now or they had to somehow figure out how to get the gumption to start all over with another, perhaps more suitable choice of date.


BK comes home from an all day hockey tournament to see a poster on his bedroom door.

He opens the door and finds

- his bedroom filled with dark blue, light blue and white balloons with occasional Nemo mylar balloons here and there.

This girl is good.

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Lunasea said...

Awww...how cute is he sitting there with all those Nemos? I'm sooo glad my days were more like your days. Except in my case, it was more like, "You got a date to the prom?" (we called it THE prom)
"Nah. Not yet."
"Wanna go with me?"
Usually with no eye contact, BTW.

And I was the one doing the asking.