Where'd the GOOD go?

Two days in a row, I took a 2.5 mile walk here at my Dad's community in Phoenix. Two days in a row, I passed several other people doing the same thing. They're always polite and most of them smile as they say "morning". I smile and say "morning" too. Sometimes first, sometimes in response. What's been striking me is that we all leave off the "good" part of that. It's understood, of course, but it's still a little sad. Do we need to be reminded of what portion of the day we're on? Are we so busy that we can't say "Good Morning"? And what's busy got to do with it? We're out taking a walk for chrissakes.

So tomorrow morning, I will take my 2.5 mile walk and I intend to wish every single one of the people I pass a very GOOD morning.


Lunasea said...

You show 'em!

Sarah O. said...

Interesting, the language shortcuts we take. I took two years of Mandarin Chinese in high school and, although I remember almost none of it, I do remember how to say "hi". It's "ni hau (ma)", literally, "you good?"

I like it. Nice sentiment.