The Big Talk, part 1/2

LK: Where did I live when I was in your tummy?

me: [thinks "I knew this was coming sometime soon"] We lived in this same house before you were born, but I didn't get to have you in my tummy. You have a different mommy who had you in her tummy, but she couldn't take care of you. So they called us and asked us if we wanted to come take care of a little baby girl and we said, "YES!" So we picked you up and came home.

LK: But did we live here?

me: Yes.

moral of this story - Nephew A. likes to know all the details. LK just wants to know where we lived. geez, mom.


Lunasea said...

Let's trade.

Beastarzmom said...

Well, seeing as how I have the red hair, that seems appropriate, don't you think? ;-p

Lunasea said...

Just came back and saw your reply....My Hair Is Red Too, Damnit! That's gonna be my new MySpace headline, I think.