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Someone started kindergarten last week. Someone also pretty much took over the class. I'm told the kindergarten gods put her in the right classroom - she will not be able to run over this teacher. We'll see.

What is it like to send your youngest off to kindergarten? Not nearly as traumatic as sending him/her off to college. I have sent my youngest child to kindergarten 3 times now. That might be a record. First time, it was hard. My eyes teared up. The next time it was just plain cute. That big old backpack on that little body. Freakin' cute. I suppose my eyes teared up again, but I remember more just waving and thinking how cute these little people were. This time - I'm just amused at the first time moms and the snifflers. But I'm also impressed that there were so few of those. It was still just absolutely precious and I still got choked up. But mostly because the first of my "youngest kids" is all grown up now and was with her dad and me to wave goodbye to her baby sister. Awwww.


Oh - and guess who likes soccer?

(I LOVE the ending... btw, this is not soccer day, but this is the outfit of choice lately.)


Lunasea said...

Awww....very cute - the first day and the soccer song.

"I have sent my youngest child to kindergarten 3 times now."


Sarah O. said...

1. Totally agree with Luna on the funny sentence.

2. I changed my picture over the hardly-used-the-internet sumer. Good to read my old buds' blogs again!

3. Although know that your name is Be-A-Starz but you'll always be Beasty to me.

Sarah O. said...

Wait, #3 came out all wrong grammatically. Ooops.

oiooeo - what I said when I read #3.