Peanut Butter = No Evolution

Did you know that a jar of peanut butter conclusively proves that evolution does not exist?


Neither did I. You fundamentalists just keep on throwing these experts witnesses at us crazy heathens, y'hear?

And Just for Fun -



Lunasea said...

Oh, Mike Seaver, you're still awfully cute.

And, what about the pineapple? And I know that invoking God's name doesn't help me one bit when I'm trying to cut open that hard-as-a-rock butternut squash.

Sarah O. said...

I'll remember these videos every time I eat Elvis' Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich. Come to think of it, Elvis probably pondered Intelligent Design with every bite.

I eagerly await your next post, though I do take comfort that some bloggers post even more infrequently than I do.