Broadway Babies

The news about Heath Ledger today made me sad. It also made me call DDD. She's in NY now, and I wanted to make sure 1) she had nothing to do with his death; and 2) she hears again about the dangers of drugs and actors. Yes, mom. I know, mom. Do you even KNOW who you're talking to? yada yada yada.

But she's been in the freezing cold NorthEast for more than a week now. I figured a reminder was in order.

She and J., friend from CU theatre program (why do they always spell it theat"re"? I think it's pretentious. But I humor all those creative artsy types anyway.) have started writing their own blawg - Broadway Bloopers about their experiences in NY, NJ and auditions and stuff. I may be just a bit predjudiced here, but I think they're both pretty darn good bloggers! Yay them!

Go check it out -

btw - DDD wants to know if her aunts and cousin are reading their blog, so you might want to LEAVE A FREAKIN' COMMENT dudes! I know I never get any comments from you, but have a heart! They're newbies at it, and as they are both actors, you know they love the attention!

Mr. Ledger, Rest In Peace.


Lunasea said...

All right, all right! They're now on my bloglines!

Broadway Bloopers said...

Hahaha.... found it! Thanks for the shout out.