It could be this year's Christmas photo except...


The more children you have, the more likely one of them is going to mess up the family photo.
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Sarah O. said...

I know you'll use it on your Christmas card exactly as it! My family's card always shows someone looking seriously wonky. Not on purpose, mind you, that's just the way my family is.

Lunasea said...

Yeah, I definitely think it should be used as is. Super sized, too.

Beastarzmom said...

SO and Luna - you both know me so well.
How is that??? !!!

Broadway Bloopers said...

Yeah, but she's so darn cute though! Don't worry, I'll be out again when new baby comes about and that should probably be family photo this year anyway.... (and I know you not-so-secretly love those little quirky ragamuffin photos)

I loved my time with you all! Can't wait for the next family get together!