Letting Go

"She's had eighteen years

To get ready for this day

She should be past the tears

She cries some anyway"

BK - Be safe, be good, wear your coat. Study hard, but still have fun. Remember the people you love, and remember how much we love you. Have a fabulous 4 years in Indiana.

Damn, this is hard.


Lunasea said...

Ack! :::sniff::::

Thank goodness he got there in time for Rumi Poem Night, though.

erin said...

ok maybe I'm hormonal but I'm totally crying! I can't belive he's in college. you have raised a wonderful son, he'll do well. love you! xoxoxo

Broadway Bloopers said...

AWWW! Look at his cute little face and Dashing little cowlick...

I believe he requested to be there for Rumi Poem Night. It was, after all, the reason he decided to become a HOOSIER..... That ham.

Broadway Bloopers said...

BTW... couldn't you have chosen a more masculine song for his going away?? Like, one with the word "he" in it? Or perhaps "Happy Days are Here Again"?

Beastarzmom said...

Luna, yeah - it's a sniffler. But Rumi Poem night does make up for it a little.

Erin, you COMMENTED!!! WOO HOO! thanks. And hormones or not, I choke up even when I don't really know the person sending the kid off. In fact, sometimes that's worse. I'm such a loser.

BB, dudette! The "she" referred to in the lovely yet tearjerking song is ME! not HIM! (think second verse) Besides, how else was I going to make Erin cry?
I think he did pretty darn well with the whole letting go thing. At least with us. Not so good with the GFF. Maybe the Hoosier Rumi Poem night will be just the kick in the pants he needs.

Lunasea said...

:::snort::: That makes me laugh, thinking the song is about BK.


Sarah O. said...

Lordy, my firstborn goes to college in a year and I've been freaking out about it for a year now.

If she gets into her first choice, Northwestern, she'll be a thousand freaking miles away. She may be ready but I'm not!

I feel your pain and the tears rolling down my face are as much for you as they are for me!