I don't get it

For People Who Can’t Tell a Joke, like me, hearing a good joke is wonderful. But even hearing a bad joke is ok. One of my colleagues tried to tell me a joke a day or so ago. He is also a Person Who Can’t Tell a Joke, so I thoroughly enjoyed the agony he was going through to get this thing out. I have no idea what the joke really was supposed to be, but it was something about a damn fish and some m-f butter. He ended the joke with the requisite apology, that it was a much funnier joke if only he could have told the “beginning” part right! I so totally know your pain.

I have exactly two jokes in my repertoire. Actually one is a riddle. (But I even mess those up, typically – usually putting some part of the witty answer in the question. Yeah – you want to hear those things from someone else. Trust me.) And the other one could definitely be considered offensive to some… Anyway – I have periodically attempted to increase this repertoire, and have made it to 4 or maybe even 5 jokes from time to time. But the old memory thing just doesn’t work for this stuff, and I revert back to my two old standbys. Hence, I don’t tell jokes.

But I like to listen – Those of you who are blessed with the ability to tell a good story - got any good ones?

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Lunasea said...

I can't tell a joke either - I'm too impatient and want to jump righ to the punchline. So I'll tell the first line and then the punchline and then fill in the rest. Not so funny.