Talk about a full house...

I read this and after the omg horror moment, am ashamed.

I have my 4 kids all living under the same roof again, in a not huge, but decently sized 4 bedroom home in a nice suburban area with terrific schools, etc. etc. and I'm complaining (ok, not really complaining, but THINKING) about how crammed in here we feel. How much messier the house seems now, how no one EVER cleans up after themselves. OK, maybe they do, but with more people in the house, it's more noticeable when they don't.

These people wanted lots of children. They have 2. want more. go get pregnant and have triplets. think they're done. get pregnant again and have 4 more. WHAAAAA? And the kicker for me? They live in a one bedroom apartment. 11 people in a one bedroom apartment? Granted the quads aren't home yet, so it's only 7 right now. That's one more than is in my house right now, and one of mine is in the garage!

God bless them and watch over them and I'm gonna shut my damn mouth!


Jenny said...

Wow. I'm such a loser. I only have one kid and I still complain about not having enough room in the house.

PS. I lived in the garage when I was a kid and LOVED it.

Beastarzmom said...

Bigger is better? Me too. I desperately want a bigger place - at a time when my kids are old enough that they really won't be around THAT long... crazy, but it is.

Thx for the positive garage endorsement. Doesn't seem to positive to me right now, but he doesn't seem to mind all the boxes.