Creepy Toys

There have been strange toys since toys became toys. And I know that I should probably lighten up a little – none of my friends who had Barbies (I didn't, but that's a whole other post) growing up actually thought they were going to look like Barbie when they grew up. I don’t think they even wanted to. But these are still disconcerting –

I have problems with these dolls on so many levels.

The make up. These dolls have the heaviest made up eyes and lips I’ve ever seen.

  • The hair. Like Barbie’s, it’s long, silky and shiny. And ridiculous. And it has some strange painful plastic thingy coming out of its head. Gross.

The body. Actually, I’m not that bothered by the body. The boobs aren’t like Barbie’s, so strangely out of proportion. Instead, they’re teeny tiny. Kind of pubescent. Perfect for the pervert in the family.

Sexy clothes. Not so unlike Barbie’s, I have to admit, unless you bought Nurse Barbie or Corporate Ladder Barbie.

Anyway, it makes me cringe that we have such dolls in our home (I am not responsible for the purchase of any of them).

But the thing I think is creepiest, and just wierds me out everytime I see them around the house is the feet.

You don’t change the shoes of these dolls.

You dismember them.

  • See – I told you – CREEPY.

    And just LOOK at the size of these feet! Ewwww.


    Sarah O. said...

    Dismemberment... Nice. Those Bratz (?) dolls creep me out just with their crazy heads!

    Broadway Bloopers said...

    I don't know how kids end up looking normal with idols like Bratz, Raven, and Spongebob.... ugh.... don't get me started on Spongebob. HE'S what's wrong with America!

    barbra said...

    We don't have any of those, so I didn't know about the feet. That is so weird. I did know about the crazy lips, though.
    I'm a first-time visitor and just wanted to say I loved your posts about your adopted 6-year-old and your son's college apps!
    I'll be back!

    Beastarzmom said...

    Sarah - yeah - the proportions are incredibly strange. Huge head and huge feet. Wonder what that means on a doll...?
    BB - Spongebob. who wears squarepants these days anyway? dumb all the way around.
    And Barbra - welcome! Glad you enjoyed some of my life. I'll try to be better about posting a little more frequently! It's fun if I can find the time...

    Snappy said...

    My niece loves the Bratz. I'm not so found of them. I'm from the Barbie Generation. To me, the Bratz look like a Barbie with waaay too much collagen!

    melanie said...

    i think the manufacturers are trying to channel brit-brit with regards to the hair...