My idol pick

I've never been an American Idol watcher. I might catch a show once or twice a season near the end, but all the "fluff" drove me nuts, so I never got hooked. I watched twice this year, and I have a favorite. Unfortunately, I don't think he'll win, but I just love listening to Jason Castro. I even like the dreads. He's got a great laid back style and doesn't try to be something he's not. Unusual for A.I., yet perfect for him.

Overall, I'm not terribly impressed with this group, but there are a couple I really like. I might even have to vote this year. I want Jason around as long as possible.
Go Jason!


Sarah O. said...

American Idol is my guilty pleasure. I like Carly and all of the guys. I'll be sad to see any of the guys voted off - and delighted to see that icky Amanda who makes every song sound exactly the same go.

I think Jason's got a real future. He's pretty dreamy, isn't he? (blush)

Broadway Bloopers said...

Come on now... Stop having crushes on dreadlock men. You're gonna be a Grandma for Pete's Sake!

(hahaha... i love it)


Beastarzmom said...

Sarah - He is cute, isn't he? Not crazy about Amanda either. She sounds like a Janis Joplin wannabe without the soul.
BB - Yes, if you'd picked anyone for me to crush on, it would have been a young kid with dreadlocks, right? Grandmas can crush too y'know.

Lunasea said...

Way to let the cat out onto the internet, BB! Hehehehehe