send prayers, please

This is a sure-fire way to put me away in the nut house. I can imagine the horror, and I imagine that what I imagine is only a fraction of the horror felt by those involved. My heart cries out for them and my prayers will be heading eastward as well. Maybe if we get LOTS of prayers heading their way, something good could happen. Sometimes I hate reading the news.

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Sarah O. said...

Ho, boy, I read this one and freaked out a little. This same accident happened a few years ago in Chicago on the jogging paths on the edge of Lake Michigan. Horrible.

Plus, the same sort of accident happened to ME. And my SON. His stroller rolled into a murky lake. If I hadn't seen it rolling in, I never would have found him. How could this have happened? I was an overprotective mom!

If you email me and give me your email, I can fill you in on the details. Long story short (really, the whole thing took maybe 30 seconds - the longest 30 seconds of my life) I got to him quickly, as did two nearby total strangers, and he was fine.

This happened 13 years ago and I'm still freaked out about it.

Even though I'm not the most traditionally religious person, I will absolutely say prayers for this family.