D.R. Part I

TGIF's menu - Kid's Fingers for dinner anyone? (top, middle)

This is a typical street. There are lines in the road, I swear. It's just that they don't matter. If you think your car will fit, you make it fit. The timid driver gets nowhere in the Dominican Republic.

One form of public transportation - always with one or two people hanging out the doors. The other form is a regular car, called a "public car" where for about $.50, you can ride as far as you want, in a straight line. There are typically from 6-10 people smooshed in this type of car. ewwww.

Very common sight - trash heaps along the sides of the road. Infrastructure is not their strong suit.

Also a very common sight - unfinished buildings everywhere. Some people just build a little whenever they have some money, others just start building, run out of money and abandon the building.

Let me tell you - this country was pretty eye-opening to us little old sheltered and clearly spoiled Americans.

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Sarah O. said...

Wow, these pictures look like India. Which is not a good thing.

If you don't mind my being snoopy, why is your son in the D. R.? I figure there's got to be an interesting reason.

Looking forward to Part II.