Being Visible

An esteemed colleague of mine rides his bike to work on occasion (actually a couple of them do, but this story is just about one of them). A few weeks ago, he tangled with a car and the car won.

OK. It was a pedestrian. And the pedestrian won. That just doesn't sound as impressive does it? Anyway, he didn't feel so great for a week or so.
So he decided to go visible.

Additions: yellow bumpers, new yellow helmet, coat, caution sign, reflectors. I just love this guy - he cracks me up. But damn - SOMEONE will see his next crash - we're pretty sure of that!

And in the spirit of sharing wisdom, here are his helmet links:

Bicycle helmet linkage:
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute

The Safety is Sexy Campaign - You'd look hotter in a helmet

Wear A Helmet

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Sarah O. said...

Yeesh. Again, I'm in complete agreement: Helmets are sexy. Wearing one shows that you've got a brain worth protecting, a form of survival of the fittest, no?