A Sociological Study of Terror

I posted this link a couple of weeks ago about the crazy windboarder.
Since then, I've had some interesting feedback.

Female reaction:
excerpted from a comment: "AHHHH!!! I just kept saying "don't let go! don't let go! don't let go" over and over in my head while I held my breath."

Male reaction:
[hysterical laughter to the point of tears]

My very large study group of 6 (3 each M/F) shows this reaction to be universal.


LemonySarah said...

Yep. Similarly, this week I discovered that same pattern in substitute teachers. Female subs instinctively and invarialbly take on the role of strict mom. Male subs immediately become the fun uncle.

LemonySarah said...

Oh, and you changed your blog's look! It kind of freaked me out. But then, I'm easily freaked.

Beastarzmom said...

well then, from this point forward, I will call you Lemony the observant!

and I better not tell you I did that a couple months ago... (really!)
Maybe one of these years, I'll actually put a little time into it and not just pick a template...

It is interesting about subs - I always remember liking the guys a whole lot more. Right there is the reason!

LemonySarah said...

As (apparently) your sole commenter, I must advise you that it's time to update.

Surely you've got a wayward kid or two at home? We need pictures!

Beastarzmom said...

Yes, I know. Coincidentally, I was trying to pull a posting out of my hat today because I need to, and I do have a thing or two I could use. But this work thing is really mauling my scene. I have some time off next week to play with my home again children, so I think I'll find some time. And I am going to make a Christmas resolution to do better next year. Thanks for being patient with me, my loyal sole commenter...

Lunasea said...

I comment!

Anyway, we finally watched the whole thing, and myself and the two males in the household under the age of 7 confirmed your findings.