Someone had a baby yesterday.

That makes someone a daddy. And someone a mama.
But I can't figure out what it makes me.

Yeah - I know I'm a grandmother (OMG), but I just can't come up with what I want Little G to call me. DH kinda likes "Pepere" (pronounced peh-pay), which is what he would have called one of his grandfathers, had he lived long enough. The companion to that is "Memere", (pronounced meh-may). That's ok, but since I'm not even remotely French, it doesn't exactly fit y'know?

I need your help. What did you call your grandmothers? What do your kids call their grandmothers? I need to pick something sometime...


LemonySarah said...


Your new family addition looks hale, hardy and hairy! He's good and plump - please tell us his stats.

Um, for reasons unknown, we called our one grandmother Mimi.

My kids' one grandmother wanted to be called Nana. That's sweet but a little too folksy for my tastes.

How about Beastie? Heee heee.

Broadway Bloopers said...
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Broadway Bloopers said...

I like the tradition of telling the baby your name is "Grandma" and hearing what he ends up thinking is the right pronunciation.

Heck, you might be lucky enough to end up with a name like
"gayman" and people could think Gio's homophobic at the age of 1/2 yr old.

How is this not a good plan??