dangers of reading blogs before sleep

So, I wasn't intending to spend any time at the computer today. My eyes hurt, and I've spent too much on it at work busily answering emails and fixing problems. But then I read my sister's post today and off I go down memory lane.
She talks about the Lawrence Welk show - it's a little horrifying to watch today - with our "beautiful little Mexican Seniorita from South of the Border" and other terrors. Truth is, way back when, I had a tough time watching this show... and my parents LOVED it. So, since I never particularly liked it, why did I am I still trekking down memory lane? Bobby and Cissy? The honky-tonk lady (I had to look her name up, cuz it wasn't coming to me) Joann Castle? Certainly not Myron Floren and his accordion - I hated that! And poor Arthur Duncan - I always felt sorry for him. I thought he deserved at least one other black performer to work with. I did love the Lennon sisters, though - I pretty much thought I might be Janet some day. It never worked out - that Janet thing.
But - Mitch Miller - THERE was a show! fun, bouncing balls across the screen with the words (!) so you could sing out no matter what your voice sounded like and be part of the fun. Kareoke before it's time! I couldn't learn to read fast enough. I am convinced that bouncing ball is responsible for some of my A's in reading.
So here I am reminiscing about shows from way back when, and typing on the computer with really tired eyes, all because I happened to read that post before heading back to my comfy cozy bed. Be careful what you read before bed. I'm sure I'm heading for some nightmares of some kind!
"Be kind to your web-footed friends, for a duck may be somebody's mother. Be kind to your friends in the swamp, where the weather is very very damp (pronounced "domp"). You may think that this is the end. Well it is."
How clever is that???

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