movies movies movies

1. Polar Express - a little weird, but delightful for adults and older kids.
Little K spent much of the time on one lap or the other. She was scared a few times. But mesmerized most of the time. At least two families with younger kids - maybe not quite 2, left early.

2. The Incredibles - didn't see it, but the boys came back singing it's praises. There is apparently a reason it's been at the top of the box office for two weeks in a row.

3. From Netflix - Monster. Yikes. Charlize had me convinced she was a total nutjob scumbag. I'm still not too sure she isn't....

4. Also Netflixed - Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins! Now, anything with Whoo Hoo in the title has got to be fun. I liked it better than many other Wiggles DVDs. Good music - fun, catchy songs. The strange people are just a part of the whole package. I've gotten over it.

5. Netflixed, natch - Family Guy - season 1 or 2, who knows which volume. They're all the same. I can't stand these, but the boys in my family think they are hysterical. I can kind of see the humor, but I have this awful reaction to the PITB baby, who naturally is supposed to be one of the funniest parts. He irritates the crap out of me. So I try to avoid the room when it's on.


Lunasea said...

Hey, we saw Polar Express today! A. did really well. I thought the first half was a little scary, but overall I liked it. I was wondering, though - who's their target audience? If you take any kid 4-7 who's NOT wondering about Santa Claus, they will be by the end of the movie.

Beastarzmom said...

Must be the older, more cynical crowd - though the animation makes it look like it should be for the little ones. I thought the little "hero girl" was a little frightening, myself... but she gave good hugs.