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I'm learning little blogtips one at a time. Did you know you're supposed to comment back when someone comments on your page? Now I do! L'il sis, the real blogger in the family, gives me tips now and then. She's been nominated for the BOB awards. (Ok, I nominated her, but if I hadn't, someone else would have.)

I need a lot more tips.

... so what's with the middle of the night stuff? Best time to blog - but then, what else are you going to do at 2:30 am when you can't sleep? My house is not teeny, but it's not huge, either - most housecleaning is too noisy. besides.... housecleaning? I don't think so.

I'm hoping this insomnia is a symptom of impending change of life... finally... maybe... or not... (!) Some people think I'm crazy, but I really think women should have a say in when they're ready for the hormones to stop. And I say now! Actually, I said I was ready a few years ago, but the hormone gods weren't listening. I get kind of cranky now - maybe that's a sign. The other day, dearest husband had a glass of water on the bed with him and it spilled. I was unreasonably irritated. I took that as a good sign. But then a day or two later, my system decided it is 15, not 51 and I head for the feminine products AGAIN. And I get a little grumpy when I talk to people around my age who haven't had a period in a few YEARS. What's up with that? The hormone gods are punishing me for..... can't think of what. So I'm cranky and I can't sleep. No hot flashes, nothing else much happening. Guess I can just keep buying the industrial strength products.

'nough of that.

It's raining here - that usually means snow in the mountains. And that is good news! We're going to Tahoe this weekend, spending a few days there to celebrate DDD's 21st birthday, and the hockey man's 15th. I booked the week almost a year ago, only to find out that school starts up again on the 3rd. This means hockey man has to miss two days of school, which is not good - freshman year is proving to be a bit of a struggle for him. Organization is not his strong suit. So, we'll go up, stay and ski Monday and Tuesday, then the boys will head home and the girls will stay until late Thursday. None of us gets to enjoy the entire week. Oh well... Ms new-legal-of-age-drinker needs to fly back to school on Friday so she can audition on Saturday for the spring shows. ... me, I'm looking forward to playing in the snow again.

I love being near enough to the ocean that we can get there and enjoy it, near enough to the snow that we can get there and enjoy it and not have to deal with the general weather either place. Yep. That's a definite bonus about living in the bay area. Traffic - that's a drawback, but then, I've been in worse traffic visiting my family up in Portland. (On the other hand, I don't have to drive I-880 every day.)


I have a singing Christmas clock that we put up every year. L'il sis gave it to us several years back. I sometimes used to think Big sis gave it to me because she is always giving me noisy things, but this was L'il sis' contribution. Every year, people tell me it would drive them crazy. It sings a different Christmas Carol every hour on the hour. And it sings a pretty good size portion of it, too! But I love it. It has a light sensor, so it knows when it's dark, be really quiet, and when it's light, sing away. The only problem has been when oldest son is up super late and leaves the lights on (which they all do, btw) - then it's singing nice and loud at 2am. That's not so much fun. But it is a good and smart clock, and I intend to put it up every year until it can't sing anymore. Then I might still put it up in memory of the chirping.... and my smart clock just told me it's 3 am. and I'd better at least try to sleep.


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