help - my pictures went away

Anyone know what happened to my pictures?
I added the one tonight and all of a sudden the other 3 are gone! That was way tricky - and not very nice.
I used Hello to post them to the blog, which worked just fine for the first three... if there was a limit to how many I could post, I didn't read it. And if there was a limit of three, you'd think only one of the old pics would have disappeared. hmmmm - any ideas?
.... later...
OK - who's goofing around here? - it's about 2 hours later and after much research and NO intervention on my part, they're back. It's a little too weird. But I guess I didn't do anything to cause them to go away, since I didn't do anything to make them come back. I hate technology.

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Lunasea said...

It was probably the same web gnomes who stole the last three pages of G's website and then put them back later.

Adorable picture! What a cutie-patootie!