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Just reading an article about tech toys.

I was planning to go out today and get the older kids' shopping done. They are almost 15, almost 21 and just turned 24. Their Christmas lists consist of electronic device, electronic game, electronic this and that, and jeans. The 15 yr. old wants an iPod. The 21 yr old wants a camcorder. The 24 yr old was disappointed with his MP3 player a year or two ago because it wasn't an iPod. A new game system would probably be right up his alley this year. At least he likes movies. He's got one of the most complete DVD libraries of anyone I know, which of course, makes movie buying difficult - what doesn't he have? Turns out he's a little light on the kung-fu stuff.

Kung Fu.... brings me back to all that tech stuff - you can't just buy a nice puzzle type game, even the electronic kind, for the 15 yr old, it has to be a kung-fu fighting, automatic rifle shooting chaos game to interest him. I hate that. Have you seen Grand Theft Auto and its sequel? I can't believe they even make those. And yes, K has one of them. yuck. Good thing he's not an obsessive player. He plays once in a while, and then, it's likely to be the football game.

Shopped for the 2 year olds the other night. it was great - the toys are still cute and much less expensive, but it's getting difficult to find toys that aren't electronic, even for them! The Sweet Sounds dollhouse looked cute enough, but I wanted one that didn't talk and sing. I want Missy K to talk and sing for herself! So we went up an age level and got a couple of Sweet Street sets. Hope that works. I did knuckle under and get a LeapPad, though. sucker that I am...

Anyway - I didn't go shopping for the big people after all - it's so darn expensive. I think I'm just prolonging the agony, but I'll just see if I have a better attitude tomorrow. sigh...

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