frosted grumpy flakes

I was asked today if I had a bowl of frosted grumpy flakes this morning.

No. There was nothing sugar coated about my grumpy flakes. Nothing at all.

I do wish I could keep my grumpy flakes to myself, but I have to share them with everyone around me. They don't deserve it, generally. But I must have gotten a "VG" in sharing when I was in Kindergarten, and have maintained the skill all this time. (VG = Very Good - there were no "Excellent's", or I would have been insulted by the "VG")

The project I was hired for around 2 and 1/2 years ago has a new timeline. What was supposed to happen in 2006 and 7 is now scheduled for 3/2009. EARLIEST. Truth is, if I could maintain a level of busy-ness with projects that are really worthwhile in the meantime, I might not mind that much. But I've been pretty much doing the goofy things that others don't have time for, and it's just demoralizing. There's a reason they don't have time to do it.

But I digress. The thing that's really eating me is that we had some tasks to do so that a determination about when our facility fits in with other facilities in this timeline could be determined. We barely had forms in hand before the timeline is published with my facility dead last. The information from our site isn't even due until the end of next month. So these decisions were made, once again, without any input from us. That just makes me bring out the grumpy flakes more than anything else. And we are STILL being pressed to the deadline even though the information we will provide will pretty much be completely different by the time we get going on the project. So, we'll have to do it again. And *someone* will wonder why we did it so early in the first place.

I hate corporate life.


kyknoord said...

There's a certain symmetry about that, because corporations hate all life.

Briann said...

I'll give you a Charlie Brown "AARRGH!!" for that one...