So, I had a birthday yesterday. I am obliged to have one every year, as I was not born on February 29. I used to LOVE birthdays, everyone's, not just my own. I don't remember when that stopped. Admittedly, I have passed most major milestones people pass in life, but hopefully, I've got a few left. Having a 3 year old in the house makes birthdays simply magical - so why am I so "bah humbug" about them lately?

My theories:

Once or twice, I had to bake my own birthday cake. And once, my whole family completely forgot about it. (I know, somebody call me a waahmbulance.)

I did not inherit the shopping gene from my mother the super-shopper, so I don't get to stores to see things I would necessarily like or like to buy others.

My DH doesn't have a shopping gene either - he doesn't really get into the whole buy presents for people thing, so I'm never quite sure if I'm going to get a gift or not. I don't want to look forward to a gift and be disappointed, but really, I don't require one, so it would be ok. But he will either cook dinner for me or we'll go out to dinner, so I'm always sure we'll eat. (I have stopped making my own cakes. I really don't need the extra calories...) Oh, but back to the DH - when he buys jewelry, people, he buys WONDERFUL jewelry!

DH, again, likes Christmas much better than birthdays, so "big" presents must happen at Christmas. I *was* always a birthday person, believing that celebrating the day someone important to you was born was a whole lot more special.

DH and I have birthdays two months apart. We sandwich 3 children, Thanksgiving, Christmas, nearly uncountable other relatives' birthdays inbetween. By the time we get to mine, I'm done! Now that we have little K, I have to stretch that to February (sandwiching in yet another 5-6 extended relatives). It's the ultimate effort to make it special for her, so I would just as soon skip mine.

I have somehow only gotten through to my oldest daughter that I really like cards and homemade stuff. She's good at it. Oldest son will get kind of extravagant with money he doesn't have, and younger one just doesn't remember.

*** Big K reminded me of this one - my birthday was ALWAYS during finals week (as it is for him right now), from Jr High clear through college. That shouldn't matter to me anymore because jeez, that was a hella long time ago, but when I think about it, that DID suck!

OK - now the good news. There were at least 3 people at work wishing me a happy birthday. One friend left a nice card, another brought me a card on Friday, just in case I was taking both Monday and Tuesday off! And my l'il sis and da boys came to have lunch with me and visit my work friends. She is a scrapper phenominal, and made me the greatest personalized Starbucks tumbler ever! (She made one for B for her birthday that I totally coveted and drooled over. I think she got the hint!) I got some roses and some walking shoes (which was really not expected because I got my iPod and speakers for Christmas!) and my big sis, who is always prompt about these things, sent a really cute jacket, tshirt and a RED appliance for my kitchen! (I am TOTALLY into red appliances these days). So lest you think I am not loved or am feeling sorry for myself, let me disavow you of that opinion. I am really one lucky sucker.

That said, I am still a birthday curmudgeon. But I'm giving myself one week before I get myself in gear to celebrate #4 for Missy K.

***Take My Advice, people - SUMMER birthdays are GOOD! Plan your children accordingly. That summer pregnancy won't last, but birthdays will!***

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