D.R. Part II

Some Dominican artwork in the main square in Santiago, along with a very cute little lady.

Veintesiete Bocas.

We tried hard to capture the volumes of people on motorcycles/scooters. There were singles and doubles everywhere. But as you get out of the city, you start seeing 3, 4 and 5 people on these things. And they're not necessarily even built for two!
Here's 3.

And four.

Unfortunately, the glare makes this one hard to make out, but it's our best picture of a 5 person motorcyle. Little kid in front, then dad, then medium kid, then baby, then mom. wow - and I worried about LK wearing her helmet with her bike and training wheels.

The other thing you notice here is the number of people hanging out in the median of the highway. And people do not drive slow. But there are always men and women just standing there in the middle, waiting for just the right moment to dash across. One of M&M's friends told us that once in a great while you'll see body parts from someone who didn't quite make it. Thank heaven we did not have that experience.

D.R. Part III coming.

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