Crazy Hair Day

In which I read an email from camp saying that crazy hair day is tomorrow. And I go shopping with LK to buy some colored hair spray and only find blue. And I get up and put crazy ponytails in hair and spray several of them blue and put colorful ribbons every which way in crazy ponytails

only to find out that the email was sent the day BEFORE yesterday, making yesterday crazy hair day instead of today.



Lunasea said...

Hee hee. But it's very cute crazy hair. Did she wear it to camp anyway?

Sarah O. said...

She looks so cute! Every day should be crazy hair day. In fact, in my case, every day pretty much IS crazy hair day.

Broadway Bloopers said...

Sounds pretty much right.... I find it hilarious that she let you go through that whole thing when she KNEW that crazy hair day already happened. HAHAHA!