Small Town Holidays

One of the things I love about our small bedroom community town is the holidays. Mostly the 4th of July. The day starts with a race. Runners from all over a 3 mile radius come to compete in this highly rated 2 or 5K run. Kids of all ages are invited to run in the Kiddie run - once around the bank and back, or for the older kids, twice around the bank and to the finish line.

From there, you go to the pancake breakfast.
If you like pancakes.

Then there is the dog parade. We didn't do that this year, although I did put a very patriotic scarf on M's dog and bring her with us to the race. (I forgot my camera though. aaaaghh.)

The big event for us is the bike parade. We forgot about it last year, so this year we made sure we had all the crepe paper and stuff we could find.
No sense in doing something like this unless you can be excessive about it. One of Moraga's finest gets on his bike and leads the parade. Until the speedsters take off and lap him a few times.

After that, games like three legged race, burlap sacks and all; wheelbarrow race; egg and spoon relays; watermelon eating contest. stuff like that.
oh, and the ever popular jumpy houses. This year they had an American Gladiator type thing where you whack your friend around with big ol thingies. The girls lasted about 2 minutes in that one. But it was a fun 2 minutes.
Oh - and looking back at the schedule, I see we completely missed the bocce ball tournament! What were we thinking? Oh well, there is always next year.

And of course, the day ends with a concert at the bandshell (Larry Lynch and the Mob. ha ha. Get it? Lynch and Mob. yeah. well...) and fireworks. Yes, little Moraga has a nice little fireworks show. You can drive a bit and see a really big one, but we all gather together on the hill at the park or at a nearby club/golf course and watch the admittedly smaller show. But it's our community there "ooohing" and "aaahing" instead of some random anonymous crowd. And you can't beat that with a stick.

Yep. This is why I live here.
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Sarah O. said...

What a great town! No wonder you like living there so much.