Jealousy unleashed

Wow, that last one was a downer, wasn't it? Sorry about that. Sometimes that stuff just rears its ugly head. Thanks for putting up with me. As a matter of fact, things have been pretty danged awful on the work horizon lately, so I've had a hard time coming up with fun stuff in general. But OMG!!! DDD calls me last evening, I can barely hear her. Turns out she's at


at the very



ever to be

held there.


I just about fainted. And I wasn't even there! I have no doubt I would have been screaming like a teenybopper if I'd been there. Holy Crap! Incredibly Holy Crap!
The first band ever to play there was the Beatles, so they coined this concert Beatles to Billy.
Roger Daultry
Steven Tyler
Garth Brooks
Paul McCartney!!!

I can't stand it! Fuggedaboudit!

She'll be blogging about it soon at Broadway Bloopers. What an experience! I would have known everyone of those songs. Well, if I couldn't be there, I'm glad she was...
Aren't we all supposed to live vicariously through our children?
Well. Ok. then.

photo found at newsday.com
credits: (Kevin Mazur /WireImage / July 18, 2008)


Sarah O. said...

GAAAAA! I would've shrieked my throat into permanent hoarseness too. In fact, I just may do that right now, out of pure jealousy.

Broadway Bloopers said...

You forgot Tony Bennett.......

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It's good to be envied.