Global Warming ummm Cooling ummm Warming ummm Cooling

(written on 1/14/09, but obviously not posted)
For the following cities, all followed via DH’s beloved i-phone (I think he loves it more than me…) the temperature last evening:
New York, NY 12
Manchester, VT -2
Bloomington, IN 6

If live in one of the above areas, please stop reading and don’t look at the picture below.
At my house in lovely Cali, it was 70 degrees yesterday evening. Se.ven.ty. DH barbequed some steaks. It felt for all the world like a lovely summer evening, but for the winter darkness. It is a little harder to BBQ in the dark. You can’t see what you’re doing all that well.

Our steaks were a bit charbroiled, but oh, they were good.
And once again, I am reminded that I love where I live.


LemonySarah said...

1. My, you've been a writing machine lately!

2. That's excellent!

3. Even here in Boulder, I'm considering running the air conditioning.

4. It's freaking January.

5. This doesn't seem right.

6. But you won't find me complaining.

Broadway Bloopers said...


PS. I notice dad has a few hairs growing on his upper lip. Is this a sign of a potential return of the mustache??