The Last of the Teenagers

It seems I've had a teenager in my house nearly all my life. In fact, my first teenager hit those magic digits only 15 years ago. But since then, we've never been without at least one. This is our last year with a teenager for a while. BK is 19 today. And LK is just coming up on her 7th bday. We've got a few years in between to draw a nice deep breath before she gets there.

The last of the teenage years. Not gonna write a big old thing for him this year - like his older brother and sister, he'll just need to wait until he is two dimes and a nickel for that. But I will wish him a VERY Happy Birthday, and hope that he doesn't freeze to death in the midwest over the winter, and that he figures out how to bring school, family, work and girlfriend into balance this year. Oh yeah - and that he enjoys the last year of his teens as much or more than the rest of them all together.

Happy Birthday BK. We love you!


LemonySarah said...

Awwwww. I love your kid stories and clearly, you're pretty fond of your kids. So sweet!

I know several people besides myself whose kids practically share birthdays. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US? Yeesh!

So, your birthday is right around now too, isn't it?

Beastarzmom said...

Yes, actually - my sister's birthday is on the 15th and mine is two days later. Just for kicks, my FIL has his bday on the 23rd and my sister whose bday is two days prior to mine thought it was a good idea to have her daughter in January as well, so we also have a 28th to celebrate.
Used to be I couldn't WAIT for February. But now LK must be reckoned with... Where's that Calgon when you need it?