It's GS Cookie time again

Here we go. Once again, I have a Brownie in the house. That means cookie sales. In another GS experience a long time ago, I once volunteered to be the "cookie mom". Never again. Despite very careful accounting (I thought), that volunteer position cost me somewhere around $50. I never could figure out how that happened.

So I'm not cookie mom this time (or ever again), but LK will be selling cookies in the neighborhood and I imagine I'll be taking the order sheet into my office, as will DH. The hard part for me to swallow (haha) is that they are now charging $4 a box for these things. I used to buy 10 boxes easy - maybe more if another cute little brownie came to my door after I'd filled my quota. I'd freeze some and we'd share and eat some. It worked well. But at $4 a box, maybe we'll just cut back on the calories, y'know? Who needs all that sugar anyway?


LemonySarah said...

Oh, but who can deny those cute little girls when they come to your door, especially when icicles hang from their sweet little noses?

Actually, as I recall when my daughter was one of those cute little girls, LOTS of people can.

Which is why I always ended up buying several cases myself and ditched the whole door to door thing.

Seriously, just a few hours ago I bought four boxes form the cutest little thing who padded up to my door. And I'll enjoy nomming those cookies in March.

Broadway Bloopers said...

Who are you foolin'????? Those Thin Mints are calling your name.