confessions of a non-blogger

so I started the blog in August. It's now October. looking a little like my diary entries when I was a kid... like - nonexistant. I'm certainly not keeping up with C. and her Everyday Lunasea in even the smallest way. I'm not even keeping up with Richard and his occasional efforts! oh well.

Do you know anyone who can pick up the lyrics of an entire musical after seeing it twice? I used to have a pretty good memory, but I walked out of DDD's musical last weekend humming one or two songs, and certainly not remembering a lot of lyrics. Mr. Freshman, however, could sing almost every song and have verses and choruses nearly word for word. amazing. That must be some sort of gift. I don't think it's normal.


Lunasea said...

Wait till you start getting some comments - you'll be hooked too!

Lunasea said...

P.S. I didn't know your favorite movie was Princess Bride! Hah!

P.P.S. What's (or who's) beastar?