Confessions of a virusaholic

I love Dr. Mario. I used to play it on my oldest's Nintendo. The first one - we got the one with the power pad. Then we got Game Boy and I could travel with Dr. Mario. I'd be on the plane, probably the only mom in sight nimbly thumbing those A and B keys and directional arrows.

I'm good, too. The only person who gives me any competition is my DDD. Just another indication that our minds, like it or not, work pretty similarly. Now that X-box and PS2 are around, I'm happy to announce that the N64 is pretty much mine. Dr. Mario - any time I want! There's something addicting about lining those little viruses up and watching them disappear. There's also that really cool "WIN" graphic you get when you win.

I've gotten in trouble over my video games - I hear I neglect my housekeeping AND my children because I'm playing video games. I'm good enough that I can keep up a complete conversation with them, I can pause it, go check out the little lipstick smearer and get back to finsh my opponent off in minutes. Neglect my children? Nah. Housekeeping? yeah, I suppose that's true, but I'm not much good at that anyway...

Dr. Mario, anyone??

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Lunasea said...

What's the difference between Dr. Mario and Super Mario? Dr. Mario goes after viruses? Must be the nurse in you!